Pulpture - the art of forming objects or representations of objects in the round or in relief by modeling paper pulp.

I was born in Cardiff in 1966 and lived there for the first twenty years of my life. I moved to London and trained as a draughtsman/paste up artist in advertising studios in the West End. As the recession hit in the early 1990’s I found myself out of work again and again. On a pure whim I headed for Exeter and this is where I took up papier mâché.

Over the years I have demonstrated the extraordinary versatility of papier-mâché by a wide range of applications including items of furniture, decorative wall-pieces, masks, helmets and architectural features. Vaccari designs have even extended to an elegantly designed flat-packed burial casket named earthsleeper, picture frames - and a dome-shaped Petpod for cats or small dogs to sleep in. These have won interest from international ecological publications, the Eco Design Hand book and More Paperwork. Even Sue Townsend has written about the earthsleeper burial casket in her book, 'The Public Confessions Of A Middle Aged Women'. Earthsleeper has also become of interest to the Icelandic Museum of Design and Applied Art.

I like to celebrate the tactile nature of the paper pulp itself, with further interest generated by the shaping of designs, which are handmodelled in high and low relief. A varied range of influences is apparent in the more decorative pieces, with figurative and floral elements suggesting affinities with, for instance, Art Nouveau. Much of my work has been single one-off pieces; others are intended for repeat production.