Papier Mache Workshops

Papier Mache Pulpture One Day Workshops. Call to arrange a day that suits you.


Usual format

You can set your own workshop date: Contact me with a date that's convenient to you. In all cases, workshop hours run from 10am - 4pm. Arrive a 9.30am

The workshop: You will be taken through every stage of my unique style of pulpture papier mache. From how I make papier mache (pulp), to forming pulpture - the art of representing objects in the round or in relief by modelling paper pulp. As well as hand modelling pulp you will have the opportunity to press some tiles with a 50 ton press!

Paper pulp is very versatile so the applications are as wide as your imagination. Waste paper is so freely available so this craft is truly accessible and does not require much space or equipment. At home you can easily start your own pulptures.


Clothing: It’s not a messy craft, but please wear work clothing.


Lunch break: Optional, usually people stop for a short break or take up to an hour out. Feel free to bring lunch or you can go to the High Street for independent cafes and bakeries, Wetherspoons, Tesco/Co-op express stores. Teas and coffees are provided but please feel free to bring anything you prefer to drink.

Workshop fee: £85.00/person, only 4 places maximum per one day workshop. Workshops can run on a one to one basis. Group bookings will receive a 10% discount per person. 

To book: Payment to be arranged in advance using cheque or direct bank transfer.


or via the contact page on this site

tel: 01363 777746

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